How to create Multilanguage Restaurant Menus

How to create Multilanguage Restaurant MenusCreating restaurant menus has never been easier. You can go down the D.I.Y route when it’s time to refresh your menu and you want to create restaurant menu. That is perfectly acceptable and you will be able to do a good job of it. However, what if you want to translate your menu into 2 or maybe 3 languages, do you use Google Translator or get a professional translator to do it for you? In both cases you must either put in a fair amount of personal time making the text adequate for printing again or have pay a hefty sum to have it done for you.

Why take that risk when you have world class and award winning restaurant menu software available from Now you may be wondering why you would need a piece of software for creating your restaurant menu. Well if the reasons below are not compelling enough then I don’t know what will convince you:

  • Easily create your menu from dozens of templates in minutes

  • Translate your menu into over 60 languages with just 3-4 clicks

  • Save and publish your menus in pdf for your website

Menumultitool is, as of now, the only restaurant menu creation software capable of working with multilingual menus. It literally creates the menu for you, it’s that easy to use.

Once you start using menumultitool you will wonder how you have been managing before. If you run a restaurant or café in tourist locations then this restaurant menu software is the ideal tool for you. Do not just take my word for it try it out here and you will see for yourself.