Increase Restaurant Profits 15%+ by Redesigning Your Menu

When it comes to increasing profits, many restaurant / bar owners may think in terms of an increased advertising budget or a social media campaign.  But while those methods may be effective, no one should fail to utilize the one piece of content that every customer sees (and actually wants to read): your menu.  Instead of making the common mistake of listing your menu items on the left side of your menu pages and your prices in a row along the right-hand side, learn from years of research on how customers react to different aspects of menu design and create a menu that can lead to profit increases of 15% or more.  This practice is called menu engineering, and while it does take work on your part, it isn’t a topic that is reserved for specialists or the more academic among you.  The basic concepts of menu engineering are easily understood and not complicated to implement.

To get you on the path to higher profits, has written an extensive “how-to” article on menu engineering that is based on a series of interviews with Gregg Rapp, a menu engineer that has been in the business for more than three decades.