Menu Multitool 1.6.4 now live

Included in the new release:

  • Implemented payment system and menu watermark display.
  • Implemented site access via HTTPS.
  • Added "Commission design" button.
  • Added selection of 'how to' tips.
  • Implemented option for online publication of menu in pdf, png and web-formats.
  • Option for paying users added allowing upload of personal background images.
  • Authorised users now have their menu displayed on the main page.
  • Added possibility to create menus containing dishes in multiple languages from one page.

Corrected issues:

  • Fixed export/import of data from Excel.
  • Fixed editing of tabulated data.
  • Fixed style application of cotter across all pages.
  • Fixed editing menu style name and several other page objects.
  • Fixed saving of visibility options.
  • Fixed saving of style elements.
  • Fixed creating new dishes through the toolbar and several editing issues of types list.
  • Fixed translation "Send order".
  • Fixed bug present when creating a menu anonymously causing the catalogue to default to English when choosing a non-public language.
  • Fixed bug which caused "pixilation" during rendering of png in high resolution.
  • Added to Design commission form a collection of fields necessary for callback.
  • Menu creation window defaults "Copy menu entirely".
  • Other minor bug fixes and revisions.