Menu Multitool v1.4.0 now live

Included in the new release:

- Translation controls have been expanded allowing "pre-translation" of empty cells for already existing translations, choosing of the original translation language etc.
- Added option to generate PDFs of only selected languages
- Toolbar developed with settings on language tabs
- During menu design it is now possible to mirror the background on even pages
- Sitemap configured
- A page called Grids has been added for tabulated data editing
- Pop-up panels can now be moved around
- The message "The document must be saved" has been changed to "Save document?" with the option of pressing "Yes"
- The scrollbars that appeared within the page boundaries when there were too many dishes have been removed
- Font rendering during PDF generation has been fixed
- Facebook login errors have been fixed
- Displaying of forum topics in different languages has been fixed
- Added catalogue options to client editor page
- A bug that caused formatting settings to not be applied to added categories and dishes has been fixed
- A bug that caused new added categories and dishes to disrupt their ordering on a page has been fixed
- Fixed issue of formatting settings widgets incorrectly displaying values relevant to chosen elements
- Fixed issue which lead to losing editing functionality when switching language tabs while the WYSIWYG-editor was open