Menu Multitool v1.4.4 now live

Included in the new release:
- Added a table for editing translations
- Added designer mode for editing work; allows only positioning and formatting of elements with no options to edit the catalogue
- Added tag directory that acts as classification for the top level branches of publicly available dishes
- All dishes from all publicly available catalogues have been aggregated and moved to catalogue with id=1
- Bug, causing certain elements to not change format, fixed
- Bug, causing some menus to be unpublishable due to "special formatting properties", fixed
- Bug, responsible for occasional freezes upon saving, fixed
- New icons in the dish catalogue
- Corrected behaviour of icons when clicked in the dish catalogue - now expands section in similar fashion to when clicking on a section name
- Resolved issue in menu creation window when the already existing e-mail message would always display the first entered e-mail address
- Resolved layout issue in menu creation window. Message, saying that the password will be sent by e-mail, no longer moves to the right
- Fixed bug that lead to incorrect drag'n'drop operation when large field values were present in page blocks