Menu Multitool v1.8.0 now live

A key feature of the new version is that the Menu Editor now allows the adding of decorative elements (pictures)

Other improvements:

- Images on the site loads faster

- Background image quality in the editor has been significantly improved

- Implemented client-side caching

- Step-by-step Menu creation wizard added

- Choosing price type and currency has been moved to the dialogue menu. Toolbar button controlling price/ currencies removed.

- Mechanics of price and currencies has been reworked, now contained in the dialogue properties menu

- Mechanism for displaying dish properties has been reworked and moved to the dialogue properties menu

- Now possible to rename the menu, change the description and headers/foots from the dialogue properties menu 

- Corrected language constants when recalling dialogue properties of dishes and sections

- Menu editor now supports IE10

- Implemented viewing and editing of header from the top section of the menu editor

- Added payment option; "Robokassa" (for Russian-speaking users)

- Google-authorisation made analogues to Facebook authentication

- Wizard added to dialogue menu creation

- Watermarks added to editor for non-premium account users

- Corrected use of backgrounds on menu pages

- Reworked menu template page

- Changing languages in the dialogue properties menu is now via lower tabs

- Minor improvements to menu page size in PDF

- Fixed incorrect display of balance when paying with Robokassa

- Improved Russian language support

- Fixed errors on master menu page

- Background customisation settings added to left panel

- Fixed minor bugs

Try the new version at