What prevented you from making a menu in Menu Multitool?

Dear client!

Something went wrong and you were unable to create a menu on the Menu Multitool website. We're racking our brains to work out what happened!
To help us better understand your issue please answer 1 of 9 questions. To do this simply click on one of the answers below.
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What problem stopped you from making a menu in Menu Multitool?

- Not enough menu templates
- Unclear how to add dishes
- Unclear how to add translations
- Unable to nicely distribute dishes in the editor
- Wanted to but couldn't pay for the service
- I was looking for a free way to make a menu and won't be using the paid service
- I managed to make a nice menu but won't be paying
- I'm currently making a menu and may pay when finished
- Other

By the way, we are constantly improving the service. Yesterday a new version was released that has a multitude of new things.
Best regards, Andrey.
Team Menu Multitool.