Menu MultiTool Templates – Better Than Free Restaurant Menu Template Software

At Menu MultiTool, we recognize that keeping your menu fresh and current is a challenge, and we focus on making it as easy as possible.  While there are numerous free restaurant menu templates available on the market, our reasonably priced alternatives offer some significant advantages over them, including:

  • Custom Art – Many free restaurant menu templates will use clip or stock art, which can give your menu a generic and uninspiring appearance.  Our templates all include custom art assets, which will help your menu stand out from the crowd.
  • More Features – You will find that many free restaurant menu templates do not have many customization options.  You’re limited to the basic design they present.  Our templates have a variety of features and customization options available.
  • Better User Experience – Free restaurant menu templates can be confusing and difficult to use.  Menu MultiTool templates are all extremely user friendly, and accessible to people even without computer or graphic design experience.

So if your restaurant has been using free restaurant menu templates and has been less than pleased with the results, consider using some of our products instead.  You’ll find that all our menu templates have a great variety of functions, features, and customization options, suitable for nearly any restaurant.