Our Popular Sushi Bar Menu Template

If you’re like most restaurants, working to create a restaurant menu from scratch can be a hassle.  Most people in the food service industry aren’t really known for their desktop publishing skills.  That is why we have produced our high quality sushi bar menu template, suitable for use at nearly all Asian-themed restaurants. 

The font is crisp and clean, with the front page of the menu featuring a sepia tone and bonsai tree image reminiscent of Japanese painting techniques.  Subsequent pages also feature the same sepia antiquing and tree image as well, though this can be modified should you so choose.

Another benefit of our using our sushi bar menu template is that you can use our software to tweak the number and size of columns your menu has, enabling you to truly customize it and create a restaurant menu that perfectly fits your offerings.

So if your business has run into issues when it comes time to create a restaurant menu, consider using one of our premium restaurant menu templates instead.  We have a sushi bar menu, an Italian menu, a French menu, and a huge variety of other options that restaurant owners can select from.