French Restaurant Menu Template

Add a touch of class and sophistication to your restaurant’s menu by using our French-inspired restaurant menu template.  Graceful, curving lines frame and accentuate the top, leading your menu off with a delicate script that imparts a definite sense of elegance.

Beneath the heading you have a simple and bold title page in the French tradition, where you can feature your name, logo, or whatever initial impression you want to convey to those looking at your menu.

The restaurant menu template itself uses a traditional arrangement for listing the food items.  Hors d'oeuvres feature prominently at the top, supplemented by a section for soups, salads, and other supplemental menu items.  The fonts selected are crisp and eminently serviceable without featuring a lot of ostentatious ornamentation, giving the menu a definite continental appeal.

For the entrée section, a classic two-column approach is used, which is typically used to separate based on the main meat used in any given dish; red meat and chicken dishes on the left, fish and seafood on the right.  Prices are displayed right next to each menu item as is usual.

Finally, remember that many elements of the restaurant menu template can be moved around or resized to fit any specific needs your restaurant may have.