Menu MultiTool Templates – The Next Best Thing to Free Restaurant Menu Design

Having to constantly deal with changes to the menu can quickly become one of the top annoyances of many restaurants, particularly those who don’t happen to have some graphic design talent on staff.  Design and printing costs can be substantial, and turnaround times can be longer than desired as well.  However, by using a menu template from Menu MultiTool, you’ll have the next best thing to free restaurant menu design available at your fingertips.  These templates have several major advantages over other free restaurant menu design programs:

  • More Robust – Many free restaurant menu design programs just don’t have many features.  You’ll find that all of our templates are jam packed with easy-to-use features, many more than you will find with free packages.
  • More Customization Options – Another big advantage of our templates is that they offer you significantly more customization options than any free program will present, meaning you can tweak the appearance of your menus that much more closely.
  • Low Cost – While free things are fantastic, you do tend to get what you pay for.  While our templates are not free, they are extremely affordable, and provide excellent value for money.